L·D·B have an experienced team of professional tradesmen who are able to assess any issues, fixes or repairs, with free quotes. 

Whether we manage your property or not, we cover all aspects of property maintenance including cleaning, electrical, plumbing, roofing, carpentry, plastering, tiling and decorating. Recently we acquired one of South West London’s finest gardeners and now offer everything from a quick garden tidy and monthly check up, to a professionally landscaped urban paradise. 

So whether it is changing a light bulb or building an extension our team is ready to help. And with over 20 years of property refurbishment experience in West London, few people carry the local knowledge to match our team. In today’s competitive property market it is important that your property stands out from the rest, for either sales or lettings. Sometimes it can be the smallest of things that may seem incidental to you, that is deterring people from renting your property.

Fresh paint and modern touches with fixtures and fittings really can make the difference between breaking even on an investment, or it paying you a handsome dividend. Well maintained properties are on the whole looked after far better, than those where the property has been neglected. We want to be proud of our stock.